Regular Sewer Maintenance in Hellertown, PA

Regular Sewer Maintenance in Hellertown, PA

Have you ever experienced a sewer backup? Aside from the obvious immediate concerns that such an issue poses, the true cost of a backup may be much more than you think. The monetary loss as a result of a backup may end up being in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, there are health concerns associated with exposure to raw sewage which can cause serious illness. You may be asking, what can I do to help prevent such an occurrence? The best solution is regular preventative maintenance and inspection. We are currently offering a yearly based program to help inspect and maintain main sewer lines for homes. This price for this service is only $500 a year!

$500.00 a year gets you:

Inspection of main sewer line with camera to verify that line is clear x4 per year

If an obstruction exists, remove it with cable machine x4 per year

Inspect entire home for any potential issues x4 per year

20% discount off of any other service offered by Mr. Twister Plumbing LLC

How much does that save you?

Total Value-$3000.00 plus a 20% discount on other services

Breakdown of savings below...

Camera Sewer Inspection-$300x4

Cable Main Sewer-$300x4

Diagnostic Inspection-$150x4

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